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I have had the good fortune of spending most of my working days on tasks and projects I just couldn't wait to get to work on each day. Following the principle of "discovering work you love and you'll never have to work a day in your life" could make my experience seem to have taken me into quite different work areas though the connection between them and the circumstances at the time seems clear to me. Usually, they represent a progression of interest and passion that left from one thing to the next despite how disparate they may seem.

For instance, I believe an important benefit in clarity can be achieved in technical writing by applying appropriate graphic elements and techniques to illustrate and make concepts more accessible. I believe the discipline of tight, specific language serves equally well in any kind of professional writing. To complete the circle, layout design is a skill that combines all elements with technical precision to facilitate understanding and falls within the bounds of written copy or documentation. All of these skills, and many more combined, have been required in following my passion for designing and developing online games.

The environments in which I have honed the skills listed here have ranged widely but management of people and projects for my own inspirations and for others has often been at the heart of it. Once again, this seems to me to have been the result of a desire to see a vision completed, to experience the excitement of creation, development and the actual outcome of all the blood, sweat and tears. Often this has led to learning one skill or another to fill a gap or provide some special expertise to complete a team effort or to move a project forward.

It has become the nature of things for contractors to 'shape' a resume to meet a potential employers needs. I will be happy to provide a more targeted document then the ones below. However I present these more generically targeted resumes, following the old "80/20 rule" that most of the time this will suffice.

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